Membership terms and conditions

Outlining the rights and responsibilities of our members

Membership terms and conditions

The terms and conditions apply to memberships created from 1th of july 2022 and apply to all members from 1st of july 2022 and forward.

§ 1IN GENERALThe following terms and conditions apply to your membership of BetterReturn as of 1stof september 2022. All prices, fees or similar will always be available on our price page. We note that changes in prices and conditions can occur, which you can read more about under § 1A.
Your membership in BetterReturn is personal to you, data gattered through your membership may not be shared and your membership may not be used by anyone else. In the event of misuse of your membership, a fee will be charged as written on our price page. If any changes are made to your name, address, email, phone number or other information that you have provided when signing up for a membership, then you must immediately notify BetterReturn of this. As a member, you are responsible for BetterReturn always having your correct personal information and email address.
When you sign up for a membership at BetterReturn, beyond accepting these termsand conditions you also accept BetterReturn applicable rules concerning its privacy policy and you also accept that you will receive information about changes to the terms and conditions of your membership by email.§ 1 A CHANGES IN MEMBERSHIP T&C AND PRICES BetterReturns reserves the right to continuously change the membership termsand conditions, fees and prices including the price of your membership. Changes can occur in the situations listed below.
All prices, fees or similar will always be available on our price page.
Changes in prices and fees can occur in the following situations: 
– When a discount agreement, which is used on your membership stops 
– BetterReturn makes larger investments to improve your user experience, which can include recruitment of more staff or updates, replacement and modernization of equipment and/or facilities. 
– Prices are regulated because of market conditions and social development, including increased cost and inflation, introduction of new regulatory requirements, new collective employee agreements etc.

The level of the price increase will be determined proportionally from BetterReturns increased costs.
Changes in BetterReturns membership terms and conditions can occur in the following situations:

– When it’s necessary to ensure that BetterReturn ad heres to the legislation
– When new actual or privateconditions requires a change of the membership terms and conditionsInsignificant changes to prices, terms and conditions will be notified byposters in BetterReturn on our website.
Significant changes to prices, terms and conditions will come with a notice ofat least 45 days before the changes take effect through email. Changes will always be effective from the first day in a month, i.e. the 1st.
If you do not wish to continue your membership at the new price or under the new terms, then you have to cancel your membership according to the notice in §5. Please note, that there is current month cancellation period.
BetterReturn will announce a price change on your membership on November 15th, which will apply from 1st of January. In this case, you must cancel your membership by the 30th of December, if you do not wish to continue your membership on the new price.
You can see how to cancel your membership in § 5 of the membership terms and conditions.§ 2THE SIGN UP You can create a membership at BetterReturn by signing up online on BetterReturns homepage. Your membership at BetterReturn is continuous and continues until cancelled in accordance with § 5. In regard to your membership, we recommend that you set up an automated payment agreement through payment service or a credit card agreement, see § 4.

§ 4 PAYMENT AGREEMENT It is possible to pay for your membership with a payment agreement or a credit card agreement. Upon signing up for a membership, we encourage you to set up either a paymentor a credit card agreement to pay your monthly fees in connection with the purchased membership. A payment agreement and paying with payment slips will result in a fee being charged. Credit card agreements have no associated fees.You can see the payment options and fees on BetterReturns price page. You are responsible for payments being made on time. § 4 B ARREARS If your bill is not paid on time we will send a reminder to you or the Other Payer. BetterReturn will add a late fee according to applicable rates which can be seen on BetterReturns price page. If payment is not made on the stated due date, BetterReturn have the right to block your membership without notice, preventing you from using your membership. If the lapse in payments continues, BetterReturn have the right to shut down your membership without notice and claim other outstanding amounts for immediate payment. You cannot use your membership or make changes to your membership ifyour membership is blocked or shut down until you have paid the full amount owed to BetterReturn and provided documentation for this.
BetterReturn reserves the right to independently or with an external cooperation partner collect the amount owed and add extra fees for late payment andreminder letters. BetterReturn also reserves the right to report bad payers to RKI in accordance with RKI’s applicable rules. The size of the fee is set by BetterReturn or BetterReturn’s external cooperation partner.§ 5 CANCELLATION You can at any time cancel your membership at BetterReturn with the applicable notice period. The membership will cease at the end of the month of cancellation.
Cancellation of your membership can be done through “User Settings” on BetterReturns platform The cancellation is valid from the day BetterReturn receives it and once you have received a receipt for your cancellation from BetterReturn. You as a member must prove that you have cancelled your membership if there should be any doubts about this at a later date. 
BetterReturn reserves the right to cancel your membership with one month notice until the end of a month.

§ 6 RETURN POLICY BetterReturn is providing a service that can only be bought trough the internet and by Danish laws we will provide a cancellation that expires from the moment the service is ordered. 

§ 7 APPLICABLE LAW AND JURISDICTION All purchases covered under these terms and conditions of membership are subject to Danish law, with the exception of the CISG (Convention on Contractsfor the International Sale of Goods), unless indicated otherwise in imperativerules. Any disputes, which cannot be settled amicably, will be resolved by the Danish courts, unless indicated otherwise in imperative rules. A complaint about a product or service purchased from us can be filed with via an email to

Amendment to the BetterReturn membership terms and conditions in connection to campaign offer 

§ 1 General This amendment applies to memberships of BetterReturn created in connection with campaign offers. The amendment is applicable as of the date of creation of the membership and three months forward until the end of the month (“the minimum contract period”) and applies to the membership together with the ordinary membership terms and conditions of BetterReturn, though as such that this amendment prevail. After the minimum contract period has expired, only the ordinary BetterReturn membership terms and conditions, including § 5 “Cancellation” apply.

§ 2 Change of membership You will not be able to change your membership to a different BetterReturn membership during the minimum contract period.

§ 3 Termination You cannot terminate your BetterReturn membership during the minimum contract period. Thus, the earliest you can terminate your membership is as of the end of the month in which the minimum contract period expires. Hereafter you can terminate your BetterReturn membership with the applicable term of notice in accordance with the ordinary BetterReturn membership terms andconditions. BetterReturn reserves the right to terminate your membership with one month notice until the end of a month.

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